mouserat-or-scarecrowboat asked: There's a soliloquy at the beginning of "Her ghost In the fog" by Cradle Of Filth that would be perfect in Graverobber's voice.

There’s a list of things that would be perfect in Graverobber’s voice. Hell, somebody get Terrance to record a GPS version of Graverobber. I’d never get lost again. (lies, I’d get killed if I had one of those in a car)

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Lateefah Devoe, the original stage Blind Mag singing CHromaggia. This clip was fromthe original Repo! website and as far as I have found, no complete recording of the song exists online. DARREN LYNN BOUSMAN! RELEASE YOUR TAPING OF THE OLD SHOW ON THE NEXT DVD!!!!!

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So, Terrance Zdunich e-mailed me! Not a joke! Amazing how this man will actually answer you if you e-mail him! I’ve never had this happen to me when I e-mail any other celebrity with a question!

(Fan squealling)

Needless to say opening up your e-mail and seeing his name int eh inbox would make anyone happy. I was even happier by how nice he was to me in the message. I was mainly asking if he could help me fill in some of the gaps with my stage play pages. While he was not very helpful in that department he did encourage me to keep looking through the vast quantities of info on the web. True to his encouraging words i did so and successfully dug up new photos from the stage play! I have the 2004 and 2005 Blind Mag’s photos for your viewing pleasure! Merry X-Mas guys!


(Rebloged form my archived data in dec. 2011 by special request)

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princ3ss-ariel asked: Just wondering if you knew of any place to get images of blind mag from any of the screen plays.

Repo!pedia is where I was able tofind some images of the original Blind Mag. The site is very disorganized, but if you’re willing to did, they are there. I sited the images I found when I made a post way back um….. i believe it was 2 years ago. I hope this helps you.

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It’s finally here, Plague Rats. Summer 2014. I have absolutely no words…

Written and produced by the notoriously manic-depressive rock star, this chilling musical tale combines humor, tragedy, and suspense to produce a blood-curdling account of the nightmare that is life inside an insane…

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Moving on to new blog

It has come to my attention that i rarely update this blog, despite my love of Repo! and my dedication to the fandom. As such, I have decided to give away the url to an admin who has more time to add more material and info. if you would like to be the new admin of the blog, please shoot me a message. First come first serve!

Much love and thank you for all the support fellow addicts!


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Audio book of Emilie Autumn’s Semi-Autobiography is on Pre-order RIGHT NOW! It’s selling out quick so all plague rats better hurry! This edition is autographed if that helps sweeten the pot!

Happy Pi Day EVERYONE!


megan34567 asked: I just found your blog and I love it soooooo much!!! It's so nice to find other Repo/ TDC fans!!! :)

Thanks. That’s what I’m here for. XD

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Terrance Zdunich singing In all my dreams I drown from the devils carnival

OMFG I am dying. This is just… gahh

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4 days left on Emilie’s Original, Enchant Album cover wings on Ebay! Any Plague Rats interested should follow the link quickly!! The current bidders have gotten VERY aggressive.


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